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About the Cinetorium Brothers 

From a very young age, Jason Wingate (Left) had many ambitions, from running his own zoo or theme park, to writing and starring in his own fantasy adventure films alongside his childhood friend. 

Jason’s vision of Cinetorium first began to develop in 2003, when he felt the need of an auditorium like concert hall with built-in surround-sound cinema. But Jason did not begin to pursue his Cinetorium vision in 2008. Knowing he wasn’t much of confident composer, Jason began the search for a musical partner. The after many personal and creative struggles, and specific church related issues he was experiencing at the time, Jason turned to God in early 2013, and surrendered his ‘Cinetorium’ concept.

In 2015, not long after beginning his studies at JMC Academy in Brisbane, Jason received a calling from God, that a new soul mate will come into his life, and help him build the Cinetorium. In June 2018, a month after completing his studies at JMC, Jason was invited to shoot some behind-the-scenes footage on the local web series production of ‘Mia Morris’ Diary’, which was written, produced and directed by Sarah Stephenson. The founder and owner of Black Cat Film Productions. It was through that production Jason met Timothy Clark (Right), and the pair connected instantly. 

By May 2020, God reminded Jason of his promise just 5 years earlier, God practically pointed Jason to Timothy and revealed he was the miracle friend God had promised him 5 years ago. After accepting his fate, Tim agreed to meet with Jason to perform a ritual that would unite them as The Cinetorium Brothers, with a life long mission to build a place of sacred paradise, and creative sanctuary. Their ritual was performed on the 30th May 2020, an since then, Tim and Jason will celebrate their anniversary on this particular day every year. 

Today, Tim and Jason continue working together to produce their own brand of musical films, which are shown at their so-called 'Public Events'. While Tim is the musical composer side of the duo, Jason in the film maker. creating an interesting combination of film and music. 

Just as evision in his original dream-duo, Jason now places Tim and himself in the own original fantasy stories, interacting with fictional characters of their own creation. Following their promise to God, Tim and Jason will continue demonstrating Cinetorium's philosophy in their films, while portraying themselves as two 'Youth Angels', assigned by the Light to adolescent boys and girls in need of spiritual assistance.

Despite of their religious beliefs, Tim and Jason wish to ensure their viewers and followers that they do not intend to start a cult, but build a creative community through entertainment and compassion.