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Our CrowdFund Trailer Production 

Production to Commence Late July 2022

In a creative way to raise funds for our upcoming production of ‘Aussie Spies and the Rise of Chaos’, and the early development of our ‘Magpie Gully’ theme park, Cinetorium Entertainment plan to produce a series a demo scenes taken straight from the screenplay of the upcoming feature film, giving audiences a taste of what’s to come in the near distant future. To assist in merchandise and marketing campaign, Photoshoots and some recordings will be apart of the production. Shooting is expecting to take place some time between July and August 2022, however no exact dates have been selected as yet. Filming is however expected to take place around the Logan City area in Queensland, Australia. With some locations possibly chosen in Brisbane City and Gold Coast. 

While 50% of the profits will be donated to our capital, funding the upcoming feature film production, and the initial design and lodgement for council approval with the theme park, the other 50% will be shared between the cast and essential crew (conditions apply). Please note we are currently ONLY filming some minor scenes from our feature screenplay, the official film production is expect to take place Early 2003, giving time to raise enough funds for production. 

Cinetorium Entertainment hopes to raise a budget of $10, 000.00 within the following six months trailer's release. 

At the present time we are looking to cast the following characters for our trailer. If all goes well, you MAY even be officially casted for the developing 'Aussie Spies' franchise itself. In which case, you MUST follow the following descriptions to apply. 

Each casting role is list under their category letter. See our Contract Information for more details. 

Category A  

Mick Copper (Male - late 30’s) - Mick is the leader in our main dynamic duo. He’s strong, brave and adventurous with a bit of heart. Mick is the type of character who is in first without a thought.

Physical Requirements

Indigenous Australian Background (Pacific Islander or Maori is accepted)

Slim and a little toned

Olive or tan skin colour - black hair (No visible tattoos)

Jake Jackson (Male - Late 30’s) - Jake is the follower of our main dynamic duo. He is a lot more quieter and timid than Mick. Jake is secretly gay with a few queer characteristics, and filled with anxiety. His jumpy at most times, but has a soft heart and is very caring.


Agent Sapphire (Female Late 30’s) - Sapphire is the Mick and Jake’s mentor, as well as a bit of love interest for Mick. Though she would never admit it, Sapphire has a little crush on Mick. But don’t let her charming nature fool you, she can put on a tough act when need be. Sapphire is quick witted and extremely feisty.

Physical Requirements

Black Hair - White Skin

Slim fit build - signs of being physically active

Attractive but should look tough

Andrew Davis (Male - 12) - Andrew is destined to be the world’s most famous teen star. He inherited his musical talents from his ex-rockstar father Jonathan Davis (who is now deceased). Traumatised by the sudden death of his abusive father, Andrew is extremely sensitive - yet find his confidence in his music and relationship with the Aussie Spies (ie Mick, Jake and Sapphire).

NOTE: this character will be literally recording music tracks, appearing in music videos, and performing live on stage.

Physical Requirements

Child Actor - (ages 11 to 13)

Blond (can be light brown) Hair - White Skin


Guitar or Keyboard skills preferred

MUST be able to sing.

Chaos Brothers (Jack and Zack) - (Plural Male - 20’s - 30’s) - A menacing villainous duo. Being actual brothers, there are a lot of arguing and fighting between the two. Jack is the older brother, he is mean, crooked, and rugged. Zack is the younger brother, he acts tough but is really a clumsy character, always screwing up and getting in Jack’s way.

Physical Requirements

Blond (can be light brown) Hair - White Skin

Tall and Slim (Muscles preferred)

Jack to feature facial pricks (Prevent shaving for 2 to 3 days)

Zack clean shaved. 

Category C  

Skuller (Male - 60’s - Recorded Voice) - Skuller is the ‘big boss’ with a bit of a ‘narrator’ role. He’s identified only by his deep firm voice. He is firm and very wise.


Category D

Girl in Distress (Female 20s - 30s) - A Girl who is being rescued by Mick. Appears briefly in a music video sequence

Physical Requirements

Young and Attractive

Hair Colour can be gold, blond, burnett or brown.

Long straight or curly hair

Contract Information


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