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Contract Information

Whether working as a volunteer, or paid worker, all cast and crew will be required to sign a contract to participate in ALL Cinetorium Productions and Events. In January 2021, The Cinetorium Brothers introduced a new contract system to ensure everyone receives the payment they expect under their limited budget. Please note, Cinetorium is a non-union based organisation. 

Period Contract 

A Period Contract is a legal document which covers a long period of time (ie a period of weeks, months or even years).  A period contractee will be obligated to attend all productions and events when required during the period specified on the document. All Period Contractees will receive a 10% cut on net profits as a royalty, from all merchandise and record/video sales generated from the projects they participated in. Period Contractees physically appearing in events will also receive a 10% cut on ticket sales. Royalties will continue to generate even after the contract is expired, while the products generating the royalties remain on the market. Period Contracts will generally be handed to long-term characters (Or A Graded Talents), actors portraying important/iconic characters who appear in marketing and merchandise as well as on the screen and stage. Some long-term crew members can also receive a Period Contract, and receive a 10% profit cut from merchandise and record/video products containing the title's logo. This of course is depending on the amount of spaces due to the amount of casting. To ensure that all royalties are equal to 10%, all products and events are limited to 8 contractees at a time. 

Temporary Contracts 

A Temporary contract has the same policies as the Period Contract, the only difference is a Temporary only covers one specific record/film production or event at a time. Temporary Contactees only receive a one off payment of $100.00 per day, or $50.00 for half the day. The Temporary Contractee will receive their pay slips at the end of the production, and their final earnings will be divided into three small payments over a time period of six weeks (some maybe longer or shorter depending on the total number of earnings). Temporary Contracts are generally handed to crew and short-term actors (ie cameos who are only appearing in the film for a couple of scenes). Hospitality staff (ie ushers/waiters, ticket/retail servers, cooks/kitchen hands etc...) will also be under a Temporary Contract. 

Voluntary Contracts  (New) 

As of 5th September 2021,  Cinetorium is introducing the new Voluntary Contract, for any cast, production crew, or hospitality staff simply looking for work experience, acting/production credits, or simply looking for something fun to do on the school holidays or weekend. For obvious reasons, the Voluntary Contract does not offer a payment of any kind, but the same policies apply as a Period and Temporary Contract. The Contractee may also choose whether this contract will be a long term or short term commitment. 

As budget will not cover paid work at this time, all back-up talent will be required to sign a Volunteer Contract, (ie Film Extras, Assemble Stage Talent, Session/House Band Musicians).