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Contract Information 

As of 1st May 2022, Cinetorium will be operating under a new contract system. Each category listed below will determine how and when our subcontractors will be paid, and how often they will need to renew their contract.

The categories are in level of importance to creating the franchise.

NOTE: The following information may yet be subject to change at any time.  

      • CATEGORY A: Signed to long term character actors expected to appear on screen and stage in a period of weeks, months or even years. Contract maybe signed to more than one project, with no need to renew within the time period specified on contract. Category A cast will receive a 10% of all ticket sales, record/video sales, and merchandise. But in order to receive payment, their image or voice MUST be included on the product, and the actor must appear in character at the event. This category also covers recording artists signed under the Cinetorium Label.

      • CATEGORY B: Signed to Crew who have an important in the production, either as a director of photography, sound designer, or make up artist. These roles can be signed in a long term period of weeks, months, or even years with no need of renewing. These subcontractors MUST be willing to work for both film productions and events, with the director of photography controlling projection, and sound designer controlling the live audio levels. All Category B subcontractors will receive a 10% share in event net profits generated from Ticket Sales and Merchandise Sales - Plus reimbursements from equipment and supplies acquired for project. Merchandise products however MUST contain the logo of the project they worked on, and can only have no more than five characters appearing on the product’s imaging. 

      • CATEGORY C: Signed to character actors who still appear in the merchandise, but are not an important character to the franchise. This means they only appear in one film or in short-term role, but again, still appear in merchandising. As this role does not appear in live events, the role will not receive a 10% cut in event tickets. However, as they do appear in merchandise, the character may receive a 10% cut in monthly merchandise net profits. Products however MUST contain their image. The contracts only cover one project at a time, and must be renewed if the role appears in another. 
      • CATEGORY D: Signed to short-term cast (including cameos) and extra crew (including runners, assistant camera and light crew, and session musicians). The contract only covers one project at a time, and must be renewed if the role attends to participate in another production or event. These Subcontractors do not receive royalties, but are paid a one off payment of $100 per day on set/in studio/at event. 

      • CATEGORY E: Signed to voluntary based cast and crew. MUST be given to film extras and intern crew, and optional to other cast and crew who do not hold an ABN. As this contract its voluntary based, the subcontractor will receive no payment. Subcontractor may choose to sign a long- term or short-term contracts, although interns and film extras are strongly recommended a short term contract. 

Please note, our subcontractors are ONLY paid net profits generated from events (or monthly online merchandise sales) after all extra expenses are paid. In requirement by law, to work with Cinetorium under a paid contract, ALL cast and crew MUST hold an activated ABN regardless of age. In other words, a parent/guardian can NOT hold an ABN for their child.

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