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Inside Cinetorium 

A developing online documentary series which follows the Cinetorium Brothers behind the scenes for their movies and events. Follow the Cinetorium Brothers as they work, play, and even visit various theme parks, zoos, and other various tourist attractions around the south-east Queensland aera. Be with them as the research and find inspiration in the activities they love doing the most. Join the Cinetorium Brothers INSIDE CINETORIUM.... 

A Day in the Studio 

Take a sneak peak behind the scenes as Post-Production begins on our upcoming short film 'Cyber-Ghost'. Featuring a sneak peak of the film itself.

Jason's Solo Trip To Dreamworld

"I woke this morning thinking... I wanna go to Dreamworld"

                                                       Jason Wingate

Join Jason as he gives you a personalised tour of the family theme park which inspired the proposed Cinetorium Theme Park. Meet Kenny Koala, and a couple of other furry friends along the way. 

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