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Crew Vacancies 

There are no vacancies at this time, please check again later.

Join Our Production Crew

Thank you for your interest in joining our Production Crew.

Please read very carefully before applying. 

What is Production Crew?

Members of Cinetorium Film and Stage Crew who operate the equipment (ie cameras/projectors, lights, and audio devices) to assist the Cinetorium Brothers and their fellow Teen Talents to produce and present their content for their Cinetorium Branch 

What's Involved?

You will be assisting the Cinetorium Brothers and their Teen Talents with the production of their content. Recording music and film audio, filming video footage, and adjusting their stage lighting, projection and live audio. Whether you specialise in camera work, audio engineer, lighting engineer, or even directing or managing the production, you are classified as Production Crew.

Productions are expected to take place in a seasonal period between March and May every year. If shooting, recording or rehearsing in the studio, you will more than likely be required regularly on a Friday Night. If shooting on location, you will more than likely be filming on the weekends. Specific dates will be announced at a closer date, once the script and demo recordings are finalised. 

Public Events are expected to commence every last Friday of each month from 29th July 2022. Rehearsals should take place either on the same day, or a week prior to the event. 

All rehearsals, productions and events will ONLY take place with in the regional boundaries of the Capital Branch, or the Capital Branch your local Sub-Branch is linked to. To apply, you MUST be a local resident of the regional area, or at least be will to travel to the area frequently. 

You will be under a contract for each individual project and will be required to renew your contract to continue with the next project. All Cinetorium productions, events and social activities will be filmed as used footage in our 'Inside Cinetorium' online blog series. By signing our contracts, you accept being filmed. 

Will I be Paid? 

Cinetorium offers paid work of temporary contractees under a short term contract for the expected length of the production/event.  All Production Crew receive a payment of $100.00 per day on set or at an event. Please note an ABN will be required to participate in paid work with Cinetorium.  Also please be aware, Cinetorium is a non-union based company.  

Cinetorium also offers internship and work experience opportunities for senior secondary/tertiary students in film/stage production. However these positions do not offer payment and therefore an ABN will not be required. 

How do I apply? 

If you applying as a paid Production Crew member, you can simply fill in the form below. Please not however, this form will only put you on our waiting list. If a vacancy is available in the role you are applying for, The Cinetorium Brothers will be in touch as early as convenient. 

If you are applying for an Internship or Work Experience opportunity, please apply via email 

([email protected]). Ensure to include your name, age and contact details, as well as the school/institute you attend, and your grade/course. We also require a reference letter from a nominated educator of your choice, stating progress of your current education. Again, if a position is available, the Cinetorium Brothers in be in contact to discuss your training further. 

If you do not hear from the Cinetorium Brothers within a week or two from your submission, it could mean that there is no vacancy, or your application at this time has been unsuccessful. Please do feel free to keep trying, you never know what the future holds for you. 

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Thank you for your submission, we will be in contact with you as early as convenient.