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Please See Application Forms for Vacancies/Castings 

Character Actor Application 

Production Crew Application

Hospitality Application

As any entertainment company, Cinetorium will occasionally be looking to recruit cast and crew for ongoing film productions and events. Whether you are passionate about acting/performing, music, film or stage production, or simply want to work in hospitality, Cinetorium will be offering plenty of jobs to cover all areas above. 


The Cinetorium Brothers require confident and committed actors all ages, gender, shapes and sizes, who can perform both on screen and stage, and who can fit the physical descriptions and personalities of the character. 

In terms of crew, The Cinetorium Brothers already have a dedicated production crew working with them, and due to a limited budget, The Cinetorium Brothers are keeping crew numbers as low as possible, so it is highly unlikely that something will come up anytime soon, however, a vacant role will be listed on the left hand side of our electric application forms.  


The Cinetorium Brothers are an independant entertainment duo, who have already received a lot of phrase and positive comments from cast and crew members of previous productions. They are a spirited humble duo and will treat you like family. Their material are within amateur quality, but are treated professionally in the line of business. The Cinetorium Brothers consider it their duty to ensure your time in production/event work with us is an enjoyable and memorable one.


It appears to becoming a tradition to have ALL films shot within a seasonal period between the months of March to May every year. To ensure we are not cutting our young actors out of school, all productions/events will be held on a weekend or school holidays. Events on the other hand will potentially be held one weekend per month as of the premier of The Cinetorium Brothers debut film 'Cyber-Ghost', expected to be scheduled early 2022 (No Specific Date as Yet) 

All events and majority of production work will take place at Angel Studios in Archerfield Queensland, and at Jason's home address (To be provided at audition). A selection of shooting locations should also be expected round the South Brisbane/Logan City aeras. Please note due to our limited budget, we can not supply advanced payments for accommodation and long distance travel at this time. 


You can apply simply by filling in an online cast or crew application form, depending on the role you wish to apply for. You do not require an ABN (Australian Business Number) to apply or take part in production or an event, but you will require an activated ABN to receive your first payment. 

If your application is successful, The Cinetorium Brothers will contact you to arrange an audition/interview. If you do not hear from The Cinetorium Brothers within a week via to the scheduled audition/interview dates, your application unfortunately has been unsuccessful at this time, but we do encourage you to apply again shall another role that interests you comes up... good luck. 


Since a majority of our cast members are school aged, we take child protection laws very seriously. In which case, there are certain strict policies which must be abided when working with us at Cinetorium. 

  • Cinetorium will not tolerate any aggressive, violent, or abusive behaviour towards a minor or any member of Cinetorium's cast and crew. Any violation may result in a dismissal from the production/event. (This does not count to a dramatic act in film/stage work). 

  • A Minor can not be placed in a dramatic position that may traumatise or harm them in any way. 

  • Any contractee under the age of 16 MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian to ALL Production/Event dates.  

  • Any contractee between the age of 16 and 18 MUST supply proof of Parental Consent to participate. 

  • No Adult can be left alone with minor at any time, unless the adult is the minor's parent or guardian. 

  • Cinetorium can not be held responsible for any school cuts. If it is absolutely vital to cut a child actor out of school for production, production MUST supply a school tutor.