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Magpie Gully Farm and Wildlife Park

MAGPIE GULLY FARM AND WILDLIFE is a fictional tourist park portrayed in the upcoming Cinetorium films. Although fictional for the time being, The Cinetorium Brothers do hope to construct a theme park replica at some point in a later future, featuring the world's first official Cinetorium (Theatre Restaurant with built-in Mini-Cinema) as the park's main entrance and signature attraction. 

Magpie Gully is seen as an Aussie-Styled Petting Zoo, featuring a variety of domestic live stock and native wildlife, from goats, sheep, ducks, chickens, to even kangaroos, emus, koalas. As well as a wide collection of caged birds and reptiles. Guests can even have a go a feeding wild magpies as the park's mascot animal. 

While the petting zoo itself is the main heart of Magpie Gully, a Miniature Bush Train takes guests on safari into thick native bushland, where spotting the wildlife is part of the fun. Guests can even camp on property, and take a relaxing bush walk along the park's courtesy walking tracks. However, guests should beware of the mysterious Grassman, said to stalk the bushes at night, preying on any unsuspected campers. They should also steer clear of the haunted graveyard and mining tunnels of Mount Zombie, said to be guarded by the walking corpses of workers who were killed in a mining disaster over a hundred years ago. It is said Mount Zombie was cursed by an evil witch. Shall this curse be unleashed, it could trigger a zombie apocalypse that could wipe out the entire world.  

Despite its hidden secrets, Magpie Gully is a typically Australian Bushland environment ideal for family weekend getaways. A place to relax and redeem, and get a touch of good old fashioned Aussie Culture. 

A model train set replica of this future mini theme park is currently under construction. Follow it's progress on our blog series, 'Inside Cinetorium'.