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Our Branch

Substitute Branch: 

Angel Studios: 

Unit 9/121 Kerry Rd Archerfield 

<Not opened to Public> 

Contact Jason Wingate: 0401 895 656

[email protected] 

Post: PO Box 641, Marsden, QLD 4133

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Once fully established, Cinetorium's Brisbane's Capital Branch will be the world's first Cinetorium Branch. It will cover the entire Greater Brisbane Region (ie Brisbane City, Logan City, Ipswich City, Moreton Bay, or Redland Shire areas).

What is a Branch? 

A Cinetorium Branch is a place where members gather to produce and present their content. A Branch is also what we call a large group of Cinetorium Members (With a minimum capacity 16 members or over). There are three types of Branches, a Capital Branch, Sub-Branch, and a Substitute Branch.

  • Capital Branches are what we call our main regional venues. They're constructed as a tourist attraction, attracting the public as well as local members.
  • Sub-Branches are a smaller venue linked to a local Capital Branch. These Branches begin to develop within the local regional boundaries, once the Capital Branch becomes over populated with members. While the Capital Branches are commercial based, Sub-Branches are more community based and are only opened to its private members and invited guests. Sub-Branches may also provide opportunity to join a Capital Branch shall a vacancy become available.

  • Substitute Branch are pre-existing studio or community hall facilitates that have been selected as a temporary venue and studio facility for either a developing Capital or Sub-Branches. The members will use their selected facilities until enough funds and resources can be raised to construct their own official branch.