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Public Events 

A Public Event is simply that, a community event opened to the public. We prefer the term 'Public Events' as our presentations feel more like an event than a simple concert or a movie screening. Just like a regular cinema, you may choose which live show or movie to see, which are run under a specified timetable. Unlike the regular cinema, you only have to the pay the admission ticket for just one day and as long as your ticket is still valid for that day, you may come and go as you please, watching as many shows and movies as you please. 

Public Events are designed to mimic how the official Cinetorium will operate once it officially opens to the public. The idea is to give audiences are taste of what they are contributing into, since 20% profits from all ticket, record/video, and merchandise sales, will go directly into future film/record productions, constructing the Cinetorium, as well as operating it once it officially opens.  

Tickets can be purchased in our online Emporium

Next Event: TBA 

- Coming Soon -


Cinetorium Original © 2021 

Tony is a shy and lonely boy who is manipulated online into coming to a strange dark house, where he falls into the trap of the evil Cyber-Ghost. With the help of the Cinetorium Brothers, Tony must connect the Power of the Light in order to escape.

Cyber-Ghost holds a deep and powerful message on cyber-safety - 'YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHO’S ON THE OTHER SIDE’ 

CTC - PARENTAL WARNING: Some scenes may disturb very young children.

Duration Time: 11 mins.  

The Cinetorium Brothers Performing Live 

Catch the Cinetorium Brothers performing songs from their films and debut album (Currently in production) at certain times of the day. 

- Announced - 

Two Extra Musical Shorts 


After school friends Jasper and Lilly accidentally free three monsters (A witch, a vampire, and a werewolf) prisoned in a magical wooden box, they are visited by the Cinetorium Brothers with a mission to trap them in the box again. 


Ashley Tucker is a troubled 12 year old boy, grieving the loss of his missing father. When he suddenly comes in contact with a mysterious bush beast, no one believes, no one except the Cinetorium Brothers who one day appear before Ash to offer him help to catch this beast. But little does Ash know, there is more this creature than meets the eye. 

Productions expected from March 2022. 

 Sonny the Clown

On their Public Event debut as a duo, The Cinetorium Brothers will introduce a new character. A happy by clumsy young clown named Sonny. Sonny comes to the Cinetorium as a working Usher, but is making his tempted to find his place in the spotlight. Sonny will occasionally appear on stage, attempting a wide range of magic tricks, however none of them seem to go his way. Sonny is a silent role who communes through mime, and is expected to bring a comic-carnival like atmosphere to Cinetorium's Public Events. 

Auditions expected sometime in Early 2022 - Applications not yet opened. 

We will looking for a confident comic performer who is able to improvise physical gags on the spot without the need of a script. Looking for a young male, aged around 18 to 23.