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What is Cinetorium? 

The word Cinetorium (pronounced Sin-Na-Tor-Ee-Em) is short for Cinema and Auditorium, and is simply just that, an auditorium like concert hall with built-in cinema. Designed to showcase both movie screenings and live entertainment in the same room. The idea for Cinetorium originally came from multi-talented artist Jason Wingate, as a signature theme park attraction in 2003. Today, the Cinetorium is still pursued as an attraction in its own theme park, but more as a quick service theatre restaurant than simple theatre.    

The attraction should operate as a regular cafe or diner, with over the counter fast food service. While enjoying a light meal or snack, patrons will be entertainment with the screening of an original musical short film, or a live stage performance, presented by the Cinetorium Brothers themselves, featuring a cast of iconic fictional characters of their own creation.